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We are pleased to announce that our second anthology, Overgrown: Tales of the Unexpected is now available for sale!

The book can be purchased from our website for only $9.35!  It can also be purchased around town at a variety of local retailers, including all Cup O’ Joe locations and Kafe Kerouac.

Overgrown is also available for Amazon Kindle here, and Barnes and Noble Nook here for only $5.99.  It will be available in the Google eBookstore and iTunes bookstore soon.

Overgrown: Tales of the Unexpected features these stories (in order of appearance):
“Fricandeau Deja Vu” by Brad Pauquette
“Shelly’s Sense of Smell” by Ben Orlando
“Shore Leave” by Birney Reed
“Molly’s Condition” by Josh Browning
“Driven By Desire” by Chad Jones
“A Wolf in Boy’s Clothing” by Kim Younkin
“Die in Vogue” by Matthew Hance
“Moth” by Amy Dalrymple

These stories range in genre from comedy to science fiction, drama to thriller, romance to horror.  There’s something in this book for everyone.

Please order your copy of Overgrown: Tales of the Unexpected today (click here) and support Ohio Writers’ Association.  When you purchase our anthology, you help ensure that we can continue to promote the talent of Central Ohio writers.