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It is with great pride that we present our newest anthology, Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume II, featuring short stories from fifteen Ohio authors. This eclectic collection of literary and popular fiction spans several genres, and is sure to please readers of all types.

A mischievous caretaker monkey, a busted midnight joyride, a holocaust childhood, the goodness of Kentucky wonder beans–this latest volume of the best of Ohio presents all this and more between its covers. These engaging, powerful, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking stories are the best of the best, carefully selected from hundreds of submissions.

Purchase Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume 2 here as a paperback or e-book.

Below you will find the complete table of contents. Browse it at your leisure, and when your interest is sufficiently piqued, we hope you’ll get yourself a copy and enjoy it as much as we do.

Congratulations to all the authors who were selected for publication!

“Miss Ellen Told Me” by Brooks Rexroat

“Nikos the Barber” by G.L. Mislin

“Hostess of the Dead” by Tonja Matney Reynolds

“Trey” by Scott Geisel

“S. 18th St.” by Emily Hitchcock

“Kentucky Wonder Beans” by Brenda Layman

“Plan J” by Chris Burnside

“The Weight of Indecision” by Michael O’Donnell

“How You Were Born” by Sara Ross Witt

“Pigtail Fatty” by Jennifer Bryan

“Starlit” by Ian Moeckel

“Joe and the Cake” by Charles Derry

“Emergency Candles” by Kathleen Nicklaus

“The Midnight Rambler” by Lawrence Parlier

“Second-Hand Monkey” by Tom Barlow