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The Busker by Brooks Rexroat was the Grand Champion of The Great Novella Contest 2018!  Congratulations to Brooks Rexroat!

As champion, Brooks Rexroat received a publishing contract with Bellwether, an imprint of the Ohio Writers’ Association. We are proud to publish this quality piece of literary work.

Brooks Rexroat was raised near Cincinnati, Ohio at the intersection of the Rust Belt and Appalachia: the crossing point of mountain and farm field, boarded mine and shuttered factory, the water that splits north from south. The importance of place has always surrounded him, and it deeply inhabits his characters. His most recent publication is Thrift Store Coats (Orson’s Publishing, 2018).

You can learn more about Brooks’ published work and his travels here:

Thank you to everyone who submitted a novella manuscript to the Ohio Writers’ Association’s novella contest! 

Columbus Publishing Lab

A huge special thank you goes to Columbus Publishing Lab for sponsoring this contest. Columbus Publishing Lab provides outstanding production and marketing work for small presses like OWA and Columbus Press, as well as individual authors around the country.  Learn more about Columbus Publishing Lab’s books and services here. 

Thank you to everyone who helped publicize and promote the contest, and to those who served as part of our judging committee.

Congratulations to Brooks Rexroat for this tremendous accomplishment.  Keep an eye out for The Busker in 2019.