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Jesse Bethea is a journalist, author, videographer, and the winner of the 2019 Great Novel Contest!

In 2014, after graduating from Ohio University, Jesse moved to Columbus, Ohio and immediately started writing for, where his work has been recognized several times by the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists. By 2015, he was working for The Ohio Channel (Ohio’s version of C-SPAN) as an assistant producer.

On the rare occasion when Jesse gives himself a break from writing, he enjoys hiking, true crime podcast and reading non-fiction.

Jesse currently lives in Columbus with his wife Melissa and has written a new book, Fellow Travellers, which will be released by Bellwether worldwide this Friday, January 29!

Fellow Travellers follows the journey of Brindra Dhar, a young woman who, after being welcomed into the global community of professional time travelers, finds herself targeted by an enigmatic time criminal named Thurmond.

Grab your copy of Fellow Travellers this Friday at major retailers worldwide!