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We are just one week away from the official release of Jesse Bethea’s book, Fellow Travelers! Critics and fellow authors are already raving about Jesse’s award-winning writing.

“A whirlwind adventure, fantastical and intriguing, Jesse Bethea has reenvisioned time travel into a force of nature in Fellow Travellers.  When Bindra Dhar meets a mysterious American in her small village in India, she eagerly embraces the wisdom and danger of time traveling. Sci-fi and fantasy readers alike will be swept up in Bindra’s tale.”

— Reina Cruz, author of Daughter of Isis

Fellow Travellers is a fun and thrilling, time-hopping odyssey set in a world brilliantly crafted by Bethea. The adventure is full of suspense and levity while bringing a certain nuance to the time traveling genre.”

— Andy Chow, journalist, Ohio Public Radio’s Statehouse News Bureau

“Folks, I’ve had the awesome privilege of reading this and it’s outstanding. It’s a fantastic adventure in time travel with some great characters and a plot that DOES NOT STOP. I’m so honored to know this writer and I highly recommend his work, especially this novel.”

— Karen Kasler, Ohio Statehouse News Bureau Chief 

Fellow Travellers will be available for purchase on January 29!

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