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We are pleased to release the winner of the Great Novel Contest: Threshing of Straw by Kim Catron. This book has skyrocketed to #1 Amazon New Release just today.

Find it on Amazon now in paperback or ebook editions.

A grandmother who only ever wanted to protect her two little girls. A mother who did the unthinkable years before. A father lost in his memories of the Korean War, and a daughter caught in the middle of it all. Georgia. Thanksgiving week. 1962.

USA Today bestselling author Ann Garvin had this to say about the novel: “A beautifully written, deeply felt story of the importance of listening to even the smallest voices amongst us. You’ll want to reach into the pages to give Macey May a hug and to whisper that all will be fine in the end. Kim Catron is a new author to watch, and Threshing of Straw is a story that will not disappoint.”

Don’t miss this incredible story that everyone will soon be talking about!

This manuscript won the Great Novel Contest. As part of her prize, Kim’s manuscript was eligible to published by Bellwether, the publishing arm of the Ohio Writers’ Association.

Congratulations, Kim! You’ve published an amazing book and we’re so excited to see it take off.

A win for Kim is a win for all Ohio writers. Let’s all raise our voices in support of this engaging novel. Buy a copy, leave an honest review, share the link! Your voice matters. Use it for Ohio small presses and new literary voices.