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Submission Guidelines

We are not presently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Please check back for open submission periods.

When we are accepting manuscripts, unsolicited submissions should conform to the following guidelines:

  • Finished novel-length work (50,000-125,000 total word count)
  • Finished novella-length work (15,000–35,000 total word count)
  • Not currently being reviewed by any other publishing house
  • The author holds all rights to the work and/or has the necessary permissions to publish it

If the work you’re contacting us about has been previously published in any format, please alert us to that right away and provide all pertinent information, web links and sales numbers. This includes if portions have been published to the internet (including contests and personal blogs).

What to Send

In the body of professionally crafted email, please send the following to (address published during periods of open submissions):

  • Your name and contact information
  • A brief synopsis of the plot – 500 words or less (complete, not a tease)
  • The genre and word count
  • The first 1,000 words (approximately) of your work

We DO NOT accept:

  • Manuscripts in their entirety
  • Printed (paper) manuscripts by mail
  • Erotica or children’s books

Please contact us by email with the requested information.  Please follow the instructions listed here, and keep it simple. We are far more interested in your concept and the content of your manuscript than we are in your ability to write compelling query letters.

Review & Notification

All work will be promptly reviewed by a human being, and you will be notified of the results in a timely manner. If we are interested in learning more about your work, we will request the full manuscript, a larger sample, or the outline.

If you do not hear back from us within three weeks of submission, please contact us again. Be sure to check your “spam” folder for correspondence.